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The Team at Spa Velia

Dana Stallings, Principal


An experienced Spa Industry veteran, Dana brings more than eighteen years of experience and passion with her to Spa Velia. While Dana attended San Diego State University, as an international business major with an emphasis in marketing, she also worked at La Costa Resort and Spa. What began as a part-time college job has evolved into both a personal passion and a rewarding career in the Spa industry. Well-versed in all aspects of management, from operations to marketing, Dana has successfully guided some of the top Resort Spas, Day Spas, and Club Spas in San Diego, California.  Dana is currently pursuing her additional wellness passions and is studying to become certified as an Aromatherapist and Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Medicine.

Because of her successful track record and positive visibility within the spa and hospitality industry, Dana is frequently asked to contribute to trade publications, industry resources, articles and advisory boards. Enjoying the success of Spa Velia's flourishing spa business, she has also had the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience as a Senior Consultant for Creative Spa Concepts.

Dana's passion for the Spa Industry shines in her unwavering commitment to facilitating and promoting education within the industry. As a result, she has been actively involved with a number of special task forces for the International Spa Association (ISPA).

ISPA Contributions
  • 2010 Speaker Task Force: Reviews and selects Conference Speakers for ISPA's 2010 Conference.
  • 2009 Technology Task Force: Responsible for reviewing current technology opportunities for use in reaching out to ISPA members and consumers.
  • 2008 Implementation Task Force: Responsible for reviewing all the current ISPA educational pieces and sourcing strategies to improve the utilization of the ISPA educational certification programs.
  • 2007 Speaker Task Force Chair: Oversaw the review and selection of conference speakers for The ISPA 2007 Annual Conference.
  • 2006 Education Committee Chair: Developed the ISPA Consumer Bill of Rights, ISPA Consumer and Professionals Spa Glossary and completed the ISPA Resource Guide to Better Business in the Spa Industry.
  • 2005 Education Committee: Began work on the ISPA Resource Guide to Better Business in the Spa Industry.
  • 2001-2004 Education Committee: Responsible for co-authoring the ISPA Spa Standard Operations Manual for the Spa Industry.

Dana is one of the visionaries behind the incredibly successful Spa Connection, a Southern California Collaboration that connects industry professionals, nurtures their personal and professional growth, and enhances their ability to network and succeed in the spa industry.

Dana enjoys being spontaneous and adventurous, Yoga, Paddle boarding, spa-ing, traveling, cooking, music, boogie boarding, sailing, art and museums, theater, reading, volunteering, good food and good friends, doing anything in or around the ocean, mentoring and last, but not least, spending time with her Golden Retriever Jack and German Shephard Kenya.

Dana's personal and professional philosophy

 Live Blissed!

Jody Rogers, Principal

Jody, originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, relocated to San Diego in 1989, shortly after she found herself wanting to pursue her new love; the Spa Industry.

Jody has been active in the Spa industry for over 16 years. Her extensive and successful experience includes, management, massage therapy and customer service. She has successfully worked with and managed top Resort, Day and Club Spas in San Diego, California. Additionally, Jody completed her Massage Therapist Certification in 1997 at The School of Healing Arts.

Jody enjoys being in this exciting industry as a spa professional and as an active spa go-er. Jody is well known for being incredibly well-versed in exceptional customer service, staff development and training, ongoing education and creating an environment where employee and guest retention are well above industry standards.

In addition to her work at the spa Jody enjoys giving back to the community and spends countless hours volunteering with her animals through Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Jody's personal daily belief - "There is never any reason to show lack of compassion to anyone. Kindness IS power"

"Blessed are those who have the courage to show kindness to everyone."
- Author Unknown

Chris Guimond, Principal

Chris is extremely passionate about the hospitality industry. He brings a wealth of experience to Spa Velia. Chris is responsible for the overall business development and he is the active CFO overseeing business growth, regional business relations and the expansion of the Spa Velia. Additionally, Chris is engaged in various other business endeavors including Global Plastics, LP, a company specializing in plastic resin distribution and green plastics. He is also a partner in Quality Social, a Luxury Dive-Bar in downtown San Diego.

Chris enjoys playing guitar, traveling, and spending time outdoors in nature. An avid yogi, Chris believes in being present moment centered and experiencing life to the fullest. The authors he finds most inspiring are Eckhart Tolle and Albert Einstein.

"Imagination is Everything"
- Albert Einstein



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